The Rembrandt Hoeve

A traditional Cheesefarm & Clog factory


At the Rembrandthoeve you are taken back in time for a while: the famous Dutch Gouda cheese is still make the traditional way.

Clog factory

Skillful hands cut the old-Dutch wooden shoes from a block of wood: just like in former days. Would you like to try on a pair of wooden shoes?


If you wish more information or want to book a tour, please contact us. We are open 365 days a year from 08:00 until 18:00.

The Rembrandt Hoeve

The Rembrandthoeve is an authentic cheesefarm near the Rembrandt statue at the Windmill in Amsterdam. It is beautifully located along the river the Amstel and easily reachable by car or touringcar.

We keep our own cows that we milk twice a day to be able to produce our own farmer cheese.

Free tours are available daily, we are open 365 days a week and we also offer a free parking lot for cars and touringcars.

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For reservations please email: or call + 31 20 6431323

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